Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hype of Activity

You may have to enlarge this photo to see all the grammatical errors on it; just about every sentence could do with some editing.
But what struck me as I was walking past was the term "hype of activity". Real estate agents know all about hype, but their command of the language is at times "ripe for renovation".

The Eggcorn Database doesn't have an entry for "hype of activity". A google search shows that this misinterpretation of "hive of activity" mainly appears in Facebook posts (no surprise) and Australian real estate ads!

Meanwhile, there has been lots of digging machine noise over the back fence this week, as pipes were laid for the plumbing of the four townhouses:


  1. Classic! Our family favourite came from a flat nearby a few years ago, advertised as having " a room to swing a cat"! Always thought we should have called in the RSPCA over that one!

    1. Definitely sounds like a job for the RSPCA!