Thursday, February 27, 2014

Melbourne Now

Met up with quilting friends in town for our monthly get-together and lunch. Afterwards I joined one of them for a visit to the Ian Potter Centre in Federation Square to see some of the Melbourne Now exhibition. There's lots to look at, from the slightly creepy jewelled taxidermy by Julia DeVille, to a design wall featuring items designed in Melbourne including Keep Cups, glow-in-the-dark footballs, and lots more.

I liked this wall of spirograph-like designs by Elizabeth Gower, called "150 Rotations":
This one is constructed of tea packaging:
And this one seems to be from technology junk mail:

The foyer features several "rooms" by the Hotham Street Ladies. Apart from the actual furniture, the rooms are decorated with icing. Here's part of the loungeroom:
The granny square afghan rug is icing, the cushion covers are icing. The wall-paper is icing. So are the nail polish bottles, the leftover pizza, the cigarette butts and the remote control! This photo doesn't show it, but there is a colourful rug on the floor which is also icing.

Elsewhere in the exhibition I was quite taken with this coat:
It is the Luna Coat, designed by Strateus Carlucci for their 2012 collection. I will be looking through my patterns to see what I have that could be adapted to make something like it.

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  1. Love the Luna Coat! It would be fabulous for a Spring or Fall wrap.