Friday, January 31, 2014

Still Going

My last post was of the first two blocks of the mystery quilt being joined together, so here's block number 81 (the last one) being stitched to its neighbour:
It's not obvious, but there is quite a pile of blocks stacked up behind the machine. At this point all the blocks were connected mesh-like, in three sets of 27 blocks. Next I have to press all these new seams, and then sew the seams in the opposite direction. I decided it was easiest to do that in small bites; press one set of three blocks, then sew them to what is already done. Repeat until done! This way I'm less likely to get myself confused and sew something upside down or sideways or the like.

Here is the first nine blocks completely sewn together:
That's a ninth of the final top!

The process of "press a bit, sew it on, press a bit more", helps me be methodical, but it might make continuing over the weekend a bit of an ordeal. Tomorrow the forecast is 36C, then Sunday 41C - not really nice temperatures for using an iron!


  1. Looking Great!! Drat - I was hoping some cooler temps would hang around long enough for you to finish your top in comfort. Hang in there & don't overdo. I like the way the alternate blocks are playing with the others.

  2. Stunning, love your colours. Now for the border!!! Stay cool.

  3. Looking good. It's a pity it's still so warm with you; here I was envying your long days and good daylight. High temperatures are definitely on the down-side, so easy on the iron this weekend.

  4. Wonderful! I love the way you've organised yourself to sew the blocks together as it is so easy to place a block the wrong way...I know this! lol

  5. The quilt is looking wonderful as it comes together. Great orginisation.