Saturday, January 11, 2014

Second Chance

First flower on one of my Mystic Star dahlias, after the early disappointment when something attacked them as they started growing this year.
Fortunately all four of the plants have survived, so there should be plenty more flowers this summer.

While out walking today I saw someone wheeling this cabinet towards a skip:
It is exactly the same as the cabinet my new 66K treadle is in (but less shiny). For a moment I thought I may have just purchased something that I could have had for free a few days later! But the machine had been taken out of this one years ago, and now it just holds fabric. Had to bring it home anyway.


  1. What a lovely color on your dahlia - so glad they made it. And the cabinet is fabulous! Kind of cool that you have a near matching cabinet for fabric storage. I'd brought it home in a heart beat, too.

  2. Your dahlia is beautiful! It's warm and sunny at your place down under, and here in Norway it's winter and snow outside :) What a nice cabinet!

  3. Beautiful color in the dahalia and a happy find with the cabinet.

  4. You were in the right place at the right time finding that cabinet.
    Are you going to paint it? Beautiful dahlia, love the colour. Stay cool this week.