Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scatterdayers in Altona

One of my earliest memories is going to Altona Hospital to meet my new baby sister. Today I was back in Altona.

As I walked along the pier I was entranced by a line of swans:
And fascinated by gulls digging in the sand between waves:

But my real reason for heading west today was a concert by Cathy Miller, The Singing Quilter.
The building which was once the hospital where my little sister arrived, today saw a meeting of some Scatterday Sisters! Here you see 75% of those who made it through to the end of the Scatterdays challenge; the Aussie Kilted Quilter, the Singing Quilter, and me. It was a shame Pauline from Blink n You Miss It couldn't have joined us to complete the set.

The concert was wonderful! I bought Cathy's CDs so that she can keep me company in my sewing room in future.

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  1. Pleased you had a great day, especially meeting the Scatterday girls. Sorry I couldn't get there either..