Friday, January 24, 2014

No Triangles

I'm getting closer to being able to assemble the extra blocks for my mystery quilt, and then the quilt itself.
All these pieces were made without ever sewing a triangle. One of the advantages of Bonnie Hunter's blog link-ups during the mystery is seeing how other people tackled the blocks. I'm using two methods I saw on other people's blogs.  First the "magic 8" method to make the pinwheels and half-square triangles, and then the "Mary's Triangles" method to make the blue corner units. The results of each method are much neater than the equivalent blocks made by sewing triangles. I think my wooden presser is helping too. I didn't touch the pinwheels with the iron until they were fully constructed.


  1. I think your methods may make it easier to sew the blocks together. I pinned so much working towards accuracy that my fingers hurt! It took me awhile to figure out those blocks you have together with the HST's (haven't looked at your links yet), but now see. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Fabulous progress on the extra units! You are getting closer and closer!