Sunday, January 5, 2014


Today I finally tackled pressing the summer mystery blocks.

The 54-40 or Fight block wasn't too bad:
Spinning the seam allowances to help the block lie flat was easy enough, as they are all simple intersections of four fabrics. But the Birthday Girl block was less fun:
There are a lot of fabrics in those intersections, so flattening them is a bit tricky.

I now have 18 blocks completed and fully pressed, 15 blocks completed but not pressed, and 16 more blocks to assemble. I don't think I'll be getting any of them joined together in time for Bonnie's link-up tomorrow. Apart from not actually being finished, I'm wondering about making more blocks to make a bigger quilt which would be bed-sized. This one is 49 blocks (7 x 7). Bonnie's big version is 11 x 11, which would be too big. But maybe 9 x 9 blocks would work... Or maybe contemplating making another 32 blocks is a sign of madness...


  1. I can see that there are some 'tricky bits' of pressing there Vireya! My goodness, your block count is very impressive.

  2. I was also thinking about a 9x9 quilt, too. You have progressed about as far as me. Once the 49 blocks are finished, I will decide whether or not to make more. Good luck with yours!