Thursday, August 1, 2013

Winter Flowers

Spent some time in the garden today with my secateurs, pruning. For the second time this week, someone walking past stopped to tell me they liked my garden. That's really nice, although perhaps undeserved, as the garden is not looking its best at present.
This is salvia "Mystic Spires Blue." In real life, it is a very dark purple, rather than the blue the camera makes it appear. It is meant to flower from spring to autumn. Mine's been flowering for a couple of months (i.e., since the beginning of winter). Is it early or late?

The yellow jonquils have just about finished, and now it is the turn of the white ones:

I've still got quite a bit of pruning to do, so more opportunity for neighbours to stop for a chat!


  1. I love jonquils, and their fragrance :) We get ours in December.

  2. I love those neighbourhood moments that happen when people our out in the front garden or ealking down the street. Much better than the isolated domestic bubble I get trapped in so easily.