Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scatterday - H

What a pretty H Cinzia found this week! I wish my photos were as pretty as that H.
Our tricky categories are:
Hiding Place

Honey being extracted from the comb by centrifugal force forms sticky strands.

It's a hobby-horse wearing a hat from Himachal Pradesh in India. Unfortunately the hat is not wearable by me as it is way too small for my head.

Honey on crumpets so hot they steamed up the camera.

Hiding place:
This Horn cabinet is meant to be a hiding place for my sewing machine, but in reality it is rarely closed up like this.

As usual you can see what the other Scatterday participants found for this challenge by following the links at Cinzia's blog.


  1. I have been on low carb diet for several months now and boy do I miss the simple things like honey on crumpets. I can almost smell them.
    I had never stopped to think how was the honey extracted from the comb. Amazing all of the things people take for granted.

  2. Love the hat. I am also on a diet, no crumpets for me, I really miss them. Great lot of H's, I knew honey would come into it with your bees.

  3. I love all of the above. I have learned a lot about honey, which looks beautiful in your photo. The Himachal Hat is wonderful.
    I forgot H-sticky but have now caught up.

  4. Hi there Vireya,
    I thought you would have definitely DO Honey! so I needed to find something different....
    And for the record - I have NOT given up Crumpets dripping with Hot Honey (but it is a 'sometimes treat') Cheers