Friday, August 2, 2013

Bargain Buy

This morning a quilter friend was in Bunnings, and found this on sale:
Ergonomic-style rotary cutter, with 10 replacement blades. How much would you pay?

I've been contemplating buying myself a cutter with this handle for a while, but the recommended retail price in Australia of $42 for the well-known brand is a bit steep. One always needs blades, though, and they are normally around $10.00 each. These blades appear to be interchangeable with my regular 45mm cutter, and the handle works exactly the same way as the $42 one.

We successfully trialled cutting some fabric with the one my friend bought, and then I went and bought one for myself:


  1. I'm glad I spotted it and was able to share and you managed to score yourself a bargain too.

  2. Wow - I can see their sales rocketing once quilters find out about this price.