Sunday, August 4, 2013

Strange Market Venue

Today I visited the Pentridge Farmers and Artisans market, which is held in the former prison:
Although the venue might have some historical interest, I found the visit an unpleasant experience. There's a creepy atmosphere, or maybe that's my over-active imagination. I was surprised there were even stalls directly under the gallows, which is not my idea of a nice place to buy wine or chocolates. The uncomfortably-loud "music" provided by two beatboxers didn't make a positive contribution to the ambiance, I'm afraid. Or maybe I'm just getting old.


  1. I did a tour there after it was closed, when it was becoming part of a housing estate. I could NEVER live there. I found the atmosphere completely creepy. Too much sadness, sickness, anger and horror in those bricks.

  2. We assumed the market was in the "piazza" garden/courtyard area inside the main front gates off Champ st- we had been to a market there years ago. Had to drive around looking for a sign today. Weird location I agree, esp.going downstairs into the corridor outside the cells. Freezing cold and just felt a bit wrong, did the tor at the Old Melbourne Gaol a year ago, so it was like having a market there. Odd! And basically no fruit or veg save some oranges & spuds! One good thing was the wonderful artisan bread stall (we always buy from at the Essendon market) so we did but some yummy sour dough we ate with our homemade soup tonight!

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention that there weren't many "farmers" at the market!

  3. I have not been there, but the old Melbourne Gaol was creepy enough for me.