Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tree Planting Day 2012

It's time to plant out the TreeProject seedlings; but first a look at how last year's have grown:
Not bad at all! In another year they could be taller than me. The best part of growing the trees for the same landowner is catching up with the trees you grew and planted.

Now for this year's trees. Here's the first one I planted:
It is a manna gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) which has gown a bit since March. And here's the scene after five people had worked for a couple of hours: 
200 trees planted. I think that makes it time for lunch!

After lunch, we were taken for a little sight-seeing trip, first to Metcalfe Cascades on the Coliban River:
and then Turpins Falls on the Campaspe River:
Until today I didn't know either of these places existed! If you want to see them in action, here's a YouTube video showing both of them with a bit more water than they have today:


  1. So good to see your trees growing up; leaving home and getting established.

  2. Gorgeous Vireya, how rewarding.

  3. Last years trees look like they are thriving. I'm sure this years will do as well with all your care getting them started.
    I missed all the elephant posts but have learned to trace back. Like them all. The daffodile is beautiful.

  4. Wow those trees have certainly grown well. Our Council here has a lot of trees planted but most of them die within a very short time, absolute waste. Your landowner must look after them.

  5. You really do seem to have green thumbs and they look very healthy, although not yet big enough for shady picnics. I was in the city and chased up some of the elephants. They are fun.