Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

I'm nearly as busy as these bees!
Lots of coming and going today, with full pollen bags. Yes, there are weeds beside the hive, but it's not an easy place to get to. Later in the day an extra storey was added to the bees' home. Here's hoping that with lots of space to grow they won't feel the need to swarm the way they did last year.

In the city this afternoon, I bumped into a few more elephants. I loved this one's elephant slippers!
Mali's Winter Wonderland by Pat Minahan.

I was heading to my lecture and barely had time to snap a quick shot of this one on my way past:
Enceladus by Ghostpatrol. I'll have to go back and read its plaque to understand that, but there was no time today.

After the lecture I snapped Baroque Baby by Robert Hague on my way to the tram:
So I've survived 4 lectures. (Seven to go...)

I was happy to find the latest Ottobre Design magazine had arrived when I got home. I think it has a lot more potential than the Burda I bought a week or two back. Not that can see much sewing happening in the near future.

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  1. Well done, for capturing all these elephants and for surviving 4 lectures. The last 7 will be a breeze.