Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elephants In The Sun

Look! Some real sunshine, and without the cold wind we have had lately. On my way into town I snapped this pretty elephant:
From a distance I thought the design was something like a lotus flower, but closer inspection showed not a flower, but birds. Critically-endangered orange-bellied parrots, to be more precise; "A Pattern of Orange-bellied Parrots" by Vanessa Bong.

Close by, Brian Cheung's "Ming Vase Elephant" was also doing a bit of sun-bathing:

No sunshine for the next elephant, though. She is inside Melbourne Central. The Google map I have loaded onto my phone said she was located in "Butterfly Enclosure in Shot Tower Square".  Butterfly enclosure? Is there one? I still don't know, but I found her in the food court on the second level:
"Prayer for Protection" by Blaze Warrender.

My last elephant for the day was found much later, when the sun had gone.  Is this the cutest pile of scrap metal you've seen?
I love the tap on her trunk. And her spark-plug toes.  "Rusty Mali" by Russ Brebner made me smile!


  1. That Rusty Mali is the best. I'll have to make a trip to the city for an elephant safari. Thanks for sharing your discoveries.

  2. I am enjoying all the elephant sightings.