Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elephant Safari

I was meeting some friends in the city, so took the opportunity to go looking for some more elephants on the way.

Who could resist "Wooly Mali" by Mini Goss?
She's the cuddliest elephant of all!

The city seemed full of school groups, and the children were really enjoying the elephants.
"Jimbo" by Janie Fearon above, and "Bromley One" by David Bromley below, in Federation Square.

Beside St Paul's Cathedral artist Graeme Base's "Night and Day" leopard-spotted Mali, accompanying the commercially-produced "Mali Turns the City Pink":

Roped off for some reason in the city square, is "City in Mali" by Ralf Kempken:

Outside the Town Hall, two more:
"Endangered Asia" by Kelly Just, above, and "Mali, Protector of all Animals" by Deborah Halpern, below.
I love that someone has garlanded her! I think she is the most beautiful of the elephants I've seen so far.

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  1. Oh yes i agree, the mosaic tiled one is absolutely stunning. How beautiful.