Friday, August 3, 2012

Judging By The Cover

If you can't judge a book by its cover, can you a magazine?
The newsagent has started sealing certain magazines in plastic. Doesn't the customer need to see what the patterns are? To see which patterns are in which sizes?

I usually buy the May issue of Burda, because it most often has stuff in it that I want to make. But I would like the opportunity to at least flick through before handing over $16. I suppose it is handy that the magazine takes three months to get to Australia, because by then the internet can tell me which patterns have been popular with northern hemisphere sewers. But once I got this one home and removed the plastic, I wasn't so sure it had many things in my size that I want to make.


  1. I guess I'm cheekier than you:) I would take it to the counter and ask to check inside. I've done that before with quilt magazines that are packaged with a bonus one to see if it's one I already have. Haven't had any trouble so far. $16 is a lot to spend if you don't get patterns you can use.

  2. That's a good idea above, ask to have it removed so you can see. My bad mind wondered if it had "adult themes" in it.... chuckle!!

  3. I always ask the newsagent to take off the plastic so I can look. I haven't actually bought a Burda in a long time, but how will I know if I want it unless I browse??

    Does Coburg library still have Burdas? I haven't been in ages, but I was a frequent borrower of the Burda mags.