Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonky Compass

I pulled apart the centre of the mariner's compass block I made last week, in an attempt to get it to lie flat. That created a gap in the centre, so I had to add something to cover the gap. At that point the block was almost flat, but then I added the circle border:
It might not be obvious in the photo, but the whole thing is bulging out from the border. Maybe it will be OK as a cushion cover, with a very fat cushion in it?

 I'll definitely try this again, using my own machine for the whole thing. I hope that will be more successful.


  1. It looks great from here. I love your colour choices--it looks all beachy. Perfect for a Mariner's Compass really.

    1. Thanks, but I can't take credit for the colours. The woman running the workshop had cut all the kits of fabric. Everyone's seemed to be some variation of these shades.

  2. Have you asked around? did everyone have the same problem i wonder?