Saturday, July 14, 2012

Charity Sew Day

A friend invited me to attend a charity sewing day today. It was organised by one of the staff at GJ's Fabrics, and held at the shop. About a dozen happy sewers spread ourselves out in the large and bright teaching area upstairs. The big tables are great, although the chairs are very low. We made blocks and small quilt tops (about a metre square), which will be turned into quilts and given to kids being treated at the Peter Mac Cancer Hospital.
It was nice to meet some new people, to learn some new tricks, and to share a couple of tricks of my own. I put this top together using a panel I was recently given as part of someone else's stash clearance:
So that's a bit of fabric gone from my stash, and I even managed to leave the shop without buying any more. I left before the raffle was drawn but I haven't had a phone call; someone else won the lovely prizes. It it was a nice way to spend a Saturday, and if they run another one I'll be a bit more organised and do something a bit more planned.


  1. I just had a phone call:) There's a big overnight bag coming to live at my house. Woot Woot!

  2. Oh, I was planning to go to that until I realised I was teaching in the city. Your quillt top looks great (and I think I recognise the panel...?).