Sunday, July 8, 2012

Forest of Fungi

Everything is wet at Lal Lal. There is water running across the block for the second time in ten years. The trees are green, and full of birds searching the bark for insects.

Everywhere you look there are fungi. Here's just some of them:
Pushing up through a patch of moss.

A collection of tiny umbrellas.

Pushing soil and leaf-litter aside.(Russula sp?)

A pretty golden one.

The remains of a coral fungus (Ramaria sp?).


  1. Great photos--the second is my favourite. It really is likea a miniature forest.

  2. It must be really beautiful there right now.

  3. Wonderful photos Vireya! Were you lying down to take them? Great angle.
    I particularly love the one emerging through the moss. Just adorable.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Not lying down, Dee, but I did have the camera either on the ground or very close to it.