Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ready to Shop

Got back to my sewing machine this afternoon and finished my test shopping bag. Then I rushed it outside to try and get a photo while there was still a little bit of light:
I hadn't even finished off the ends from the last bit of stitching. Because the light was so dim, the colour looks a lot less intense than it is in real life.
The green is more like the tab you can see in this photo, or the picture I posted two days ago. This one was taken with the flash once I had tidied up those hanging threads, and rolled the bag up into its handy built-in zip-up pouch.

Now I just need to do some shopping to really test it!


  1. I do believe I recognise the fabric of that handy built-in zip-up pouch. Happy shopping:)

  2. Woot! Great finish! Many thanks for testing. I'll look forward to hearing your feedback tomorrow.

  3. Looks very handy indeed, i'll help you test it out.