Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Persian Day

A friend had some special-offer tickets to see A Separation, the Iranian film which won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar this year, and I was happy to accompany her today. It is a beautiful and fascinating film, but quite emotionally demanding.

After the film I visited Love and Devotion: From Persia and Beyond at the State Library.
Not a picture from the exhibition. Of course, photos of the actual exhibits are not allowed, but I could have photographed the outside of the building, if I had had something other than two sets of flat batteries with my camera. I will go back to look at this exhibition in more detail later; I didn't have enough time before it closed. The library is open until 9pm, but the exhibition closes at 5pm.

The photo is actually from a leaflet I collected. The library wants to raise $100,000 to buy two Persian manuscripts, which makes you start to wonder just how much the books in the exhibition are worth in total.

For dinner I perhaps should have looked for a Persian restaurant to round off the day, but instead I had Korean bibimbap, which was very yummy, and Indian barfi. A multicultural day!

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  1. a very multicultural day, i must look out for that film but i doubt it will be shown here.