Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aphid Mummies

There's been a surge in aphid numbers in my garden lately, but here's some evidence that predators are active too:
These swollen-up aphids have had an egg laid in them by a predatory wasp, Aphidius rosae. The wasp was introduced to Australia as a biological control agent for the rose aphid in the 1990s. Its larvae eat the aphids from the inside, then pupate inside the "aphid mummy" - the swollen empty shell of the aphid. When they are ready, they leave by cutting a round hole in the abdomen. No holes yet, so the larvae must still be inside.

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  1. thanks for this pic, i've never known how to identify those parasitised. we have swarms of wasps in the garden lately, not sure of their id but hopefully some of them will be this one.