Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Something

Another quilting project that has been hanging around for some time while I wondered how to quilt it. This afternoon I decided that rather than try anything fancy in this section, I'd follow the printed design on the busy fabric. 
I don't know what blogger is doing to this photo. The original is rectangular, and this one appears to have been squished sideways to make it square.

Only completed one corner, but at least that means that the next time I get to the machine I'll know exactly what I'm going to do. 


  1. suits it perfectly!
    The photo is the right shape when I click on it to enlarge.

  2. I think the quilting works really well. As for the pic, is it "extra large"? If so it's exceeded the avaliable space and blogger has cropped off one side. It's happened to me like that.

  3. when you enlarge that pic it changes to a rectangle, better to see it that way too, more clear. appalling english but it's late and i'm tired, sorry.