Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Textile Exhibitions

Before my commitments in the city today, I popped in to the RMIT Gallery, where there are some wonderful exhibitions at the moment. No photos are allowed, but here's the advertising leaflets:
The Tamworth Textile Triennial exhibition "Sensorial Loop" was very interesting, but I absolutely loved Hannah Pang's "Double Happiness". Her manipulation of fabric is mind-blowing! The advertising leaflet really doesn't show how amazing her work is. If you can get to the city before 24th March, it is well worth a look (and entry is free). If you can't get there, this short video will give you a taste of both exhibitions:

There's also an interview with Hannah here which gives a little more insight into her works (and has some good photos).


  1. Thanks Vireya--I will definitely follow that up.

  2. thanks for the video clip, some interesting work there. and i noticed it was the first Tamworth Textile Triennial, what happened to the biennial? the economy again making cuts? i'll investigate that.