Saturday, March 10, 2012

Full Day

Today was action-packed!

First stop: Ballan. Visited the Farmers' Market, and had a quick look at the new location of the Lions Club op-shop:
How about that for a garden seat? This property has always fascinated me from the street, but this is the first time I'd been able to get inside the fence and have a closer look

Next stop: Weeding at Lal Lal. Lots of cutting and painting of Spanish broom (Spartium junceum), and ripping out of gorse (Ulex europaeus).
Also saw this enamelled spider (Araneus bradleyi), and lots of butterflies.

Next stop: Taking Mum to the Begonia Quilters' exhibition. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well enough, so after a quick visit with her I went on my own.
This quilt by Elizabeth Bren was not necessarily my favourite quilt, but definitely my favourite example of quilting in the show. One of the few quilted on a domestic machine, and also one of the few where the machine quilting really complemented the piecing.

Then: The Ballarat botanic gardens to look at some of the Begonia Festival shows and events.
Plant sale run by Friends of Ballarat Botanical Gardens. All plants $6!

On one of my visits to Ballarat last year, when either Mum or Dad was in hospital, workers were installing  these planters around the town. Now they are full of begonias.

Who knew Ballarat had some trams? I didn't, but I hopped aboard for a short ride before heading home.

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