Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden Show

The Flower and Garden Show is on again and today was a beautiful day for it:
Blue skies, warm sunshine, and lovely things to look at everywhere. I didn't see anything outstandingly new or unusual this year, but that didn't matter. I bumped into a couple of friends (Hi Mary!), and looked at all the display gardens. There seemed to be larger gaps between the booths this year (fewer participants perhaps), but I was glad to be able to go on a less crowded weekday this year, instead of the weekend as I have the last couple of times.

The floristry displays aren't usually my favourite section, but this year a couple of them caught my eye. This rainbow of origami cranes was quite striking, although the flowers seem more like an afterthought:

I was not alone in choosing this as my favourite display:
Gold prize winner by North St Flowers, "Floral Design & Event Stylists". It is streets ahead of the competition! One photo can't show all the delightful details, so if you are at the show, go inside and check it out.


  1. Snap Vireya! I was there too and I thought of you when I saw a stand with lots of Vireyas. ;o)

    1. Who knows, we may have walked right past one another!

  2. how lovely to be able to go and enjoy it so, thanks for sharing.