Saturday, March 24, 2012

Melbourne's Saddest Backyard?

Seen while out walking today, possibly Melbourne's saddest backyard. That's the whole thing; I was standing on the street with my camera between the bars of their gate. What would you do to cheer up this space? They might not be able to attach anything to the wall on the right, as that is the next-door neighbour's wall, but they could probably paint it. I'd want to add some colour on the ground - either paint the concrete, or add some colourful paving. Then of course I'd want as many plants as possible.

In the last week I have done very little. I've missed a couple of social activities due to issues with my (now gone) tooth. I've learnt about caring for your mouth after an extraction, some of it the hard way.  When I had the tooth out, the dentist gave me lots of instructions, including a printed leaflet.  I followed those instructions, but still lost the blood clot that was protecting the wound, resulting in throbbing pain and a return to the dentist for further treatment. Only an internet search some time later explained to me what I had done wrong, so now you can learn from my mistake. When the leaflet tells you not to smoke (which I don't, and never have), it is not the chemicals in the smoke it is warning you against, it is the sucking action. I thought I was being smart, avoiding food touching the area as much as possible, by drinking my meals through a straw for the first 24 hours. WRONG! All that sucking (which wasn't mentioned at all by the dentist or his leaflet) is probably what caused the clot to be lost.

Hopefully the week ahead will be full of more interesting activities!


  1. Definitely plants--though you'd have to worry about how much sunlight they'd get in that narrow space. Is there a bit more space at the end near the fence, or am I just hoping? Oh and I'm glad the tooth wasn't infected--hope it continues to settle down now.

  2. My heartfelt sympathies - nothing worse than toothache! (The voice of experience!) I would have interpreted the leaflet like you did.

    A tromp d'oeil (sp?) painting as it looks like they have a window there Then set it off with plants around it. Do you charge consultancy fees?

  3. oh i'm so sorry to hear that, you tried too hard. i hope this week is better for you.