Monday, March 12, 2012

A Recipe With History

I visited a friend today who had been experimenting with making a gluten-free lemon delicious pudding. She replaced the wheat flour with a mixture of rice flour and arrowroot flour.

I loved her starting point:
That's a recipe that has obviously been well-used over the years! Apparently my friend's sister-in-law wrote out the recipe in 1966, so some of those stains are middle-aged.

So how did the gluten-free version work? It didn't rise much (no gluten to hold in the air bubbles), and didn't go very brown (maybe due to low temperature of the oven, or lack of the requirements for the Maillard reaction; amino acids and reducing sugars).

However, when it comes to food, the science is less important than the taste. (Would have liked to have said that to my food science lecturer.)
Served with a dollop of plain yoghurt, it was very yummy!


  1. oh yum, thanks for reminding me, lemon delicious is my absolute favourite

  2. It looks pretty good, Vireya. My young brother loved Lemon Delicious and so decided to cook it for himself when he was home alone. The trouble was the only eggss were preserved in Kepeg (sp?) and he went through the whole box trying to separate the whites from the yolks. My mother did not have the heart to be cross.