Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something From Nothing

Yesterday when I was sorting out a corner of my sewing room, I discovered that I had accumulated more batting off-cuts in the last 10 months than I had realised. I must have finished a few quilts! These were narrow strips trimmed from quilts before adding the binding. Most were about 7 to 10cms wide. So I dug out the magic strip basket, and started making some QAYG blocks.
I had enough batting off-cuts to make 13 blocks (one is hiding), which I completed today. All the fabric, including the backing, came out of the strip basket. Someone had donated a few larger pieces of fabric, which I was able to cut up and use for the backing with only a little piecing. They're not beautiful blocks, but when they get to Jan Mac, she will combine them with others to end up with useful quilts. Her final total last year was 543 quilts donated!


  1. that was a lucky find all those batting offcuts. i have completely run out of batting and resisting buying more at the moment.

  2. Big result from small bits. Jan will put them to good use.

  3. There's some very pretty fabric in those blocks. They really look amazing!