Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Seeds, More Babies

Today I planted the four remaining boxes of TreeProject seeds. They are all Eucalyptus viminalis - manna gums. So now I have the full set of seven boxes of 48 tubes; potentially 336 trees. Here's how the previous boxes are going less than two weeks after sowing.

About 14 of the swamp gum (Eucalyptus ovata) tubes have tiny plants now, all of which have come up since Thursday:
They really are tiny. That one is only about 1mm across.

The black wattles (Acacia mearnsii) are the most vigorous so far. At least 30 tubes now have little plants. Here's one showing the colour once they start growing - still a touch of red, but the leaves are not as red as the cotyledons:
The black wattle plants mainly come up with their seed covers still on, looking quite cute:

Lastly there are the wirildas (Acacia retinoides). Only 3 of these are up so far. I didn't get a clear picture of any of them, but I'm including this one just for comparison with the mearnsii. The wirilda starts life green:

Stay tuned for further updates as my little forest grows!


  1. How exciting! I just love a miniature forest.

  2. wow, gives a new meaning to bonsai

  3. In new growth the chloroplasts (which contain green chlorophyll) haven't developed. To prevent sun damage, plants replace the green chlorophyll with red pigment (or anthocyanins)