Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pot-Holder Trial

Apparently the owl and koala oven mitts I made using the Saffron Craig fabric are too nice to use.
So this is a test pot-holder using one layer of Vilene Thermolam fleece. I'm not sure if one layer is enough, so this one will undergo some rigorous testing before I make replacements for the owl and the koala.


  1. lovely colours. i've not come across that insulate layer, i must ask about it.

  2. Kaite: My local fabric shop sells Thermolam as good for pot-holders etc, but that's not what it is made for. It is made to be interlining for coats in places where a regular overcoat isn't enough to keep you warm (northern Europe, Canada).

    It is actually a very dense polyester. I thought a natural fibre would be better for a pot-holder; I used two layers of cotton batting in the oven mitts that are "too nice". But all the ready-made pot-holders I found in shops seem to use polyester, and not anything as thick as the Thermolam.

    Graeme: बिल्कुल सही!

  3. Ginkgo biloba to be precise. ;o)

    Lovely botanical feel to this piece Vireya!

  4. sooo, did it work or do you have a melted pot holder and blistered hand?

  5. No damage to the pot-holder or hands at this stage!