Monday, February 20, 2012

Are You A Robot?

If you have tried commenting on any Blogger blogs lately, (such as this one), you may have noticed they've changed the captcha. It now asks you to "Please prove you're not a robot", and presents two frequently unreadable words, often including some punctuation that you don't know if you are meant to type in or not. I have had to try at least twice to enter any comments on blogs with the new captcha. It is all very well having something that machines can't read, but if humans can't either what is the point? All it means is that people will stop leaving comments, which would be a shame because I like reading comments.

So I've turned off the captcha on this blog. If I get over-run with spam comments, I may have to reconsider, but for now it's gone.

Meanwhile the garden gets on with doing its thing without having to worry about whether people are human or robots. Loropetalum chinense (fringe flower) flowers mainly from late winter to early spring then sporadically through summer, but both mine have more flowers on them now than they did in spring.


  1. Yeah I've noticed that too.
    Beautiful flower, interesting and unusual.

  2. I'm thinking I might need to learn how to turn off the captcha as well. I now just enter xx's until I get words I can hope to enter. And I am part metal (hip anyway)
    Such pretty flowers.

  3. interesting flower, i haven't seen it before. i might turn it off as well, damn nuisance.

  4. I've noticed that too. It's annoying when you can't read the captchas. Even when you refresh it to get a new one its still illegible. I'll have to admit I'm going to be one of those people who may give up commenting if I can't get the word right after a couple of tries.