Monday, February 27, 2012

Identifying Photos

I smiled when I opened my letterbox today, because this was in it:
Why was I so happy to receive this issue of a serious scientific journal? Because one of the photographs on the front cover is mine! It's the one at the top right, which I took near La Trobe uni in April last year.

Professor Dick Vane-Wright, the author of a paper in this issue (about variation in the Meadow Argus, Junonia villida), found my photo and emailed me to ask if he could use it. I never expected a photo of mine to be useful to a real live scientist, but it shows you what can happen if you identify the wildlife in your photos.


  1. congratulations, i told you your photography was very crisp.

  2. Well done Vireya! I can well understand your pleasure and excitement. How nice that he did the right thing and asked permission. I know from experience that not all people respect Copyright laws.
    A lovely photo of the butterfly.

  3. A beautiful photo and a rewarding result. Yahoo!