Thursday, October 6, 2011

Decision Making

The swarm of bees which has been in my plum tree for the last couple of days reached a decision today, and took off to their new home. (If you've never read anything about how bees make that decision, Google it and prepare to be amazed.) I was lucky enough to be out in the back yard when they left. This time I didn't bother running for the camera, knowing that they would all be gone very quickly. And they were! In less than 30 seconds they had taken to the air, and headed off in a north-easterly direction. I hope whatever they've found works out for them.

Meanwhile, I've finished the last of these blocks. Now I've pinned them up so that I can play with their positions and decide on the final layout.
I wonder if anyone has formulated any sort of law about how fabrics in scrap quilts work? If not, here's Vireya's Law of Scrap Quilts: No matter how careful you are about layout, you will always find two pieces of the same fabric beside each other after you have sewn the whole quilt together.

I can already see that there is one block I need to move to stop that happening. The trick is to not create more problems while trying to fix the one you notice!


  1. Having googled "bee swarm behaviour", can I suggest getting a collection of quilters and any-one who spots a problem in the quilt does a "waggle dance" to point to the new location:)

  2. Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley tells you everything you need to know about how bees vote on where the swarm will make their new home.

  3. I totally agree with you about the Law of Scrap Quilts! It happens all the time :-/

  4. well you might be the only one to notice that so don't fuss too much. i think it looks marvellous.