Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The book I've been waiting for from Germany:
Liesel's Pentagons: Inspiration and Instructions for Pentagon Projects, by Hilde Klatt and Liesel Niesner. I bought it direct from the author here.

This book is fantastic! It is full of so much inspiration using the pentagon shape I've been playing with. I've been looking for a new take-along project and didn't really want to do more hexagons. The possibilities of this shape are amazing.

No, I don't speak German, but fortunately the book is full of photos and diagrams. Experience making Burda magazine patterns back in the days when the whole magazine was in German may be helping too. Google Translate is useful for the occasional word I really need to understand.

I can see lots of these pentagons in my future.

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kaiteM said...

a pentagonal future, sounds pentastic. it's a lovely shape, i admire you for seeking it out.