Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy Saturday

Busy day with a slow start due to a car battery deciding it had had enough.

New battery installed, it was time to get going. First stop, Bob's Beekeeping in Eltham, to buy a hive for the captured swarm to live in, and a new outfit for me:
What do you think? Fashion forward? Here I was just trying it out later in the day - notice a bee sitting on my head? Others sat on my feet and on my gloves, but no worries about stings. Hooray!

While in Eltham, I popped in to the NOTYQ quilt exhibition, where I bumped into a couple of friends, and enjoyed wandering among the quilts.

This afternoon the new hive has been assembled; tomorrow night the swarm bees will be re-homed in it. Stay tuned for updates...


  1. the bees won't recognise you looking all spruced up like that, it looks fire proof. hah ha, the neighbours will really be worried now, when the bee keeper herself has to be so well covered.