Saturday, October 29, 2011

Past Times

A day out to visit the Ballaarat Quilters' exhibition with Mum and a friend lead to some interesting discoveries.
The show was held in the old Ballarat Mining Exchange building, which has great natural light. The quilts were easy to view, and there was a great variety on display. The photo shows the opposite end of the building from that I posted last time.

At the show I met someone from my high school days, who now lives (and quilts) in Ballarat. I was a bit stunned that Jan recognised me; is she unusually observant, or have I just not changed as much as I would like to think I have? If she hadn't spoken to me, I wouldn't have known her. Jan was looking elegant, and nothing like a kid in a school uniform! She had several quilts in the show, which were great to see.

Later at afternoon tea, I learnt that my mother's father, who died many years before I was born, had grown roses. He not only grew them, he showed them and won prizes. This was amazing news; I'm not the first gardener in my family, after all.


Terry said...

Elegant building perfect for an exhibition. Always interesting to learn about family. Glad your Mom was well enough to go with you.

kaiteM said...

Fabulous building to display the quilts in, such space and light. It's funny when you meet someone from schooldays and they know you immediately, i always wonder how too.
You must have gardening in the genes.

Anonymous said...

the depressing thing is when you have a magnificent flower garden and a flourishing vegie garden and then you sell the house and the new owners bulldoze it all!! Never realized my love for flowers and vegies might be genetic.