Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 Time to pick the first crop of mushrooms:

I should have weighed them, or at least photographed them, before they were chopped up and cooked.


A couple of weeks back I was talking to a friend (by phone) about rule compliance here and in her part of Melbourne. I said that around Ballarat it seemed the people least likely to be wearing a mask were young men in hi-vis gear. So when today a few covid exposure sites emerged around Ballarat, I wasn't surprised that several are construction sites.

The result is that from tonight we will be in a strange situation of being "lockdown adjacent", as Ballarat is entering a 7-day lockdown. We don't live in the city of Ballarat, but it is where just about everything we do is. It is where we do all our shopping, and where I work, so in many ways it will be just like being locked down.

Added later: A neighbour tells me that they had booked a week's holiday at a regional tourist destination, but that the accommodation provider has now cancelled their booking because they "live too close to Ballarat".


  1. That’s a shame about lockdown but hope you enjoyed the mushrooms

  2. A promising harvest. How many will you need to be on the plus side of the ledger?
    No need to shop, just search out all the mushroom recipes.

  3. This is so cool. If I had this mushroom box, I would stare at it to find out if I could see the mushrooms grow.

    I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. What happens with your work? Can you shop somewhere else? Good thing you have mushrooms to eat.

    I used to watch a series called Dr. Blake Mysteries. I think it was set in Ballarat.

  4. Sorry to know there are more cases, and another lockdown near you, Vireya.
    Great Mushrooms harvest!!

  5. Those mushrooms look so healthy. They’re fun to grow.

  6. Very exciting, even if you only get a few meals harvest of mushrooms, it was worth the purchase.

  7. Wow, you cultivate mushrooms! Are they only a Spring crop or do you grow them year round? We went camping recently and saw so many different ones in the surrounding forest but of course couldn't identify any of them or whether they were edible.

    It's sad that it looks like COVID restrictions and lockdowns will be apart of our lives for the foreseeable future. Got to just grin behind the mask and bear it!