Sunday, July 10, 2016

Storage Find

Under the Sweet Sixteen's table are a couple of open compartments which could be handy for storing accessories. But because they are open, they are of limited usefulness. I've looked in various shops for a basket or box that would fit in these spaces, which are only just over 5cms high. But the shallowest basket I'd seen was 6cms high.

A couple of days ago I found what I wanted:
2.5l plastic containers, $2.50 each at The Reject Shop. And they even have lids, which was more than I expected. Amazingly enough made in Australia rather than China! Look how well it fits the space.

One now holds spare needles, bobbins, the cleaning brush, etc, and another holds my ruler collection:
Which grew a little this week when I received an order from Westalee. But everything fits, and there's probably enough room for a couple more small ones:

Speaking of rulers, here's some learning exercises I completed for the "Quilting with Rulers" Craftsy class:
Plenty of wonkiness, but also lots of potential for use in future quilts once I perfect my technique. I think it is important to show imperfections and wonkiness on blogs, not just the beautiful stuff!


  1. Great find, it was meant to be. Wonkiness....can't see any there, beautifully stitched.

  2. Your right about these deep narrow spaces. I keep slim reference books on one side. The containers are perfect.

  3. Looks goo - storage & quilting.

  4. Looks goo - storage & quilting.

  5. Great find. Quilting doesn't look wonky