Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Logs, Lines and Llamas

Two tractors at work breaking up the last pile of tree-trunks:
This pile has the potentially usable logs, so rather than being cut up for firewood, they were cut into 3-metre long sections. They could become garden structures like arbours or gazebos. Just not close to the house!

I stitched some lines on my June UFO, a feathered star wall hanging begun in 2009:
After that I stitched some more in other parts, and now I might have finished the quilting. I've hung it on the design wall to consider if it needs anything more or not. Either way, it was good to make so much progress.

Earlier this week the dogs and I met some llamas. They sniffed each other through a fence. But I didn't have my camera with me, of course. So this afternoon we took the dogs and the camera to try to recreate that moment, but it just wasn't happening. There were llamas,
but they kept their distance:
It seems that having sniffed the dogs a few days ago, they didn't feel the need to come close again today.

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  1. Best to keep outside spitting distance. Quilting looks very controlled. Like the way you used the fabric pattern in the outer areas.