Monday, July 4, 2016


On Friday our internet connection came back again. (It stopped working last Monday, after I got so excited about having it.) So yesterday and today I watched the other Craftsy class I had purchased:

Free-Motion Quilting with Lines, Curves and Loops, taught by Debby Brown. Debby taught the workshops I did at AQC last year. She is a delightful teacher. Very gentle in her manner, while giving lots of good information.

Some of the Craftsy class covered the same information as the workshop at AQC, but a lot of it was new. Here's a practice piece I did today for one of the "curves" lessons:
The thread is a pretty variegated purple, and the fabric is black. That doesn't make for a good photo! It was fun, but I will try it again as the curvy bits were actually meant to touch each other (as in the middle circle in the class photo above).


  1. It looks fabulous!! The curves are so smooth & even.

  2. Whether or not it is exactly what the teacher was aiming for, the result is still wonderful. I had no idea things like this were even available. You are certainly a champion quilter.

    1. Thank you, Louise! Sorry, I can't reply to you by email like I do to everyone else.

      I think I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting better with practice.

  3. Very impressive, the purple on black looks great, quite dramatic.