Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Queen Victoria is Not Amused

She doesn't look very happy, does she?
Statue of the "Queen of Earthly Queens", erected by the citizens of Bendigo.

But she doesn't seem impressed with her new neighbour:

This queen of the screen is currently getting more attention than Victoria. And I'm not sure Her Majesty would approve of people taking selfies looking up Marilyn's skirt. (Also not sure that statue looks much like Ms Munroe.)


  1. ha ha - what a contrast! I grew up in Bendigo and always thought the queen looked very grumpy! when I was little and we had been away on holidays/overnight somewhere I always made my Dad drive past the fountain (in the middle of the road near the Marilyn statue!) so I would know I was back home in Bendigo! I must go up and visit my family soon- and take a trip to the gallery so see the Marilyn exhibition!

    1. I wasn't there to see the exhibition, but I was with some people from Bendigo who were re-visiting landmarks and memories. We saw the fountain. And ate chips & gravy.