Saturday, May 21, 2016

Geelong Quilt-In

Spent the day with quilting friends at the Geelong guild's annual Quilt-In. The entertaining guest speaker was Irene Blanck, who also showed lots of her quilts. One of her messages was to make quilts you love, and not "give a rat's" what other people think.

I compared binding tools:

Won a door prize:
The purple coaster was one of the gifts given to everyone who attended. The rest of the goodies were my door prize. That makes two door prizes out of three attendances. Not bad!

And I stitched down about two thirds of this binding:


  1. Great door prize, I really like the wooden buttons. I remember winning second prize in a door prize once, it was a book about country towns for day trips in Victoria. Much more useful - and less embarrassing than the first prize, which turned out to be an actual door!

  2. Quilt ins are great for sewing down bindings. Irene's talk was very good and so down to earth, enjoyed the day, thank you for your company.