Thursday, May 12, 2016

Binding Tool Experiment

Time to test out the cryptic binding tool.

Step 1: Marking each end of the binding:
I've put pins in at the marking line. Here's a closer view:

You can see there is quite a gap between the two pins. So after a bit of playing around to figure out what was required to make the ends meet, I cut the ends like this:
The upper right and lower left are the off-cuts. The upper left and lower right are the two ends of the binding which will be joined.
Closer view:
Making these cuts would have been easier if the tool was transparent. You have to align the "marking line" on the tool with the mark you made earlier (a pin in my case).

And here's the result once those two diagonal edges are sewn to each other:
The binding matches the space! (I know it looks like I have added the border in the middle of the quilt. But the backing fabric I used was a bit small, so I have to trim off a chunk of the front to make it the same size as the back.)

So the binding tool does work. The instructions are not the best. The tutorial on the website doesn't really help because it doesn't show clearly where the cuts should be made. But now that I've figured it out, I might just find this tool handy in future!

After I finished this one, I thought of another way the tool might work. But I will have to wait until I have another binding to apply to test that idea.


  1. Well done. Doesn't it feel good when something works out right. My binding tool is white and has illustrations with step by step instructions on it. Still took me a few practices to get it right though.