Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The forecast low temperature for last night was 1 degree, but it actually dropped a little lower than that. Here's the weather station when I woke up:
 Minus 3! Winter has arrived one day early.

Yesterday I was excited about a touch of frost. But today the bird bath froze solid:

The washing I had left out on the line froze solid:

And I was concerned to see how the garden fared. Other gardeners have told me they lost lots of plants in their first year in this part of the world, as they learned what could and could not cope with the cold.

My poor luculia is looking very sad:
I knew it needed to be protected from frost, but I wasn't expecting such cold temperatures last night. I've now moved it under the verandah, and hope that it will recover.

Geranium flowers don't do well in frost:
Although the leaves look OK so far.

Lewisii flowers turned to mush:
But the plants look like they are OK. I can't say the same for the larger succulent in the centre of that planter:
It had flowers forming, but the whole plant looks a bit cooked now.

The dahlias also look cooked:
But the tubers should be OK and re-sprout in spring.

I hope the TreeProject seedlings will all be OK:


  1. Those walls will make a difference when they are up, in the meantime perhaps some plants will need to be tucked up at night.

  2. At Rose garden yesterday morning, despite 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of gloves, I still couldn't feel my fingers and toes. We often drape lengths of sheer curtain fabric over our veggies in the frost.