Monday, February 22, 2016

UFO Seven

How many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) do you have? I have a few too many. Lots of pieced tops! And this is the year to get stuck in to the quilting, and finish those UFOs.

A few Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters) are working on UFOs this year. We wrote a list of our own UFOs, and each month a couple of numbers are pulled out of the hat for everyone to work on. February's numbers were 7 and 21. Fortunately I don't have 21 projects hanging around! So I finished my "Stars and Hearts" quilt.

But what about project #7? That was the one I was not looking forward to. It is this one:
"Summer Solstice", my version of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery. Seen hanging from the garage door two years ago. After that it had borders added, so became even larger.

Earlier this month I borrowed the Ballaarat Quilters' basting frame. Its boards are 3m long, so it is big enough to hold this monster. Today I set it up in the loungeroom:

Starting to pin the first side of the backing. The couch is too heavy for me to move, so it is staying under the quilt. As is one of the armchairs.  And see that cabinet on the far right? That has the TV in it, and it will now have to stay shut until I get this quilt out of the way!

 A little later, the first side is pinned to the frame, and two g-clamps are in place to hold the frame together. Dot is wondering what is going on:

Quite a while later, three sides are pinned, and I'm about to adjust the g-clamp on the corner by the window, to pull that side taut. Dot still confused:

Here's an interesting photo!
Not really. It's batting spread over the backing. Nothing exciting. That got to lie there and relax while I went and ironed the top. The top was a bit creased from being folded up in a box for a couple of years.

This one's a bit better:
Top spread out, and pinned around the edges, ready to baste. But actually basting it will have to wait for another day!


  1. How will you reach the centre? Perhaps a small child can be persuaded to go under and do it from below. It's a monster, but a gorgeous one!

  2. oh my! Now you get it. Great seeing your progress with the frame. Take more pictures from all the process. It worthwhile all the efforts, it is a gorgeous quilt. Hugs

  3. You are so lucky to be able to have acess to such a beautiful frame. The quilt is georgeous and I'm sure you will enjoy it during the winters in LaLa.

  4. What a great frame to be able to borrow. The quilt looks fabulous. I didnt participate in this mystery.

  5. What a great frame to be able to borrow. The quilt looks fabulous. I didnt participate in this mystery.