Monday, February 15, 2016

Rust Removal

On Saturday I was given a rather rusty treadle base. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it before anything was done to it, but here are a couple of shots after it was dismantled to give you an idea of its condition:
 A wheel:
 The treadle plate:

The first step towards cleaning them up:

Side panel progress shot.
That was after about 3 hours of treatment.

Time for the other end to get the treatment:

The wheels will need some more attention:

But other parts will just need a bit of brushing with a wire brush and they will be ready for a new coat of paint:
It's like magic!


  1. Oh my it is rusty, it will be beautiful when you are finished.

  2. Not magic, science. Is it destined to become a small table, or do you have a top standing by?

  3. What a fabulous result. A project for the love of sewing. Maybe you will place one of your own sewing machines on the table top. Or do you have a treadle machine?

    1. I have a treadle, but it is in a cabinet with its own irons. But I often see machines in junk shops, that have lost their irons because someone made a table out of them. So you never know!

  4. Wow that will look brilliant painted black and with perhaps a red ironbark top.