Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Basting Progress

When I have done as much as I can reach, the quilt is rolled up to allow me to reach the next section. The first edge rolled under, and both armchairs now usable:

That's how much I got done last night, after being out all day.

Modification made to the legs to keep them steady during the rolling process:
This way the side bars of the frame stay firmly in place, and only the bar that the quilt is rolled on moves.

By 2 o'clock this afternoon, the couch is coming into view:

By half-past four, I can definitely see the couch, although it's not usable yet:
By the end of the day I had reached the half-way point. This is definitely taking longer than I expected. I won't make another quilt this large in a hurry!


  1. Very interesting. And a gold medal to you for bending, pinning, and all the up and down movements required. If it takes more than two days just to pin the layers together I shudder to think how long the quilting will take. This quilt must be worth the cost of two airline tickets around the world!

    1. I'm not pinning the layers together, as the weight of all those pins would be too much to handle for a quilt this size. I am stitching it together. That way the added weight is negligible, although it is much slower than pinning. There are pins around the very edge, which I may leave there for now.

      Fortunately there isn't any bending required. That's one of the advantages of the basting frame. The legs are about 92cm, so I am sitting in my orange office chair (see the bottom photo) and just scooting backwards and forwards as I sew the row. Once it is not comfortable to reach to where I'm up to (after about 5 rows of stitching), I roll the part I've just worked on onto the beam at the front, then continue stitching the new area in front of me.

  2. Lovely garden view, I bet that is a distraction.