Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Severe fire danger, and declared a total fire ban day. In the first week of October?

On a day of total fire ban, it is an offence to light a fire, or allow a fire to remain alight in the open air. I don't know how the authorities feel about fires burning underground, but there was nothing I could do about the fires today. This morning the builder came to finish off a couple of things, and as part of that had to turn off the water pump. So that meant I couldn't even spray the hot ground.

And then while the water was off, this arrived:
Truck loaded to the gills with plants from the city garden. They were loaded up yesterday, and today travelled from the city where the temperature was in the mid 30s. So they were a very thirsty truck-load of plants, and we had no water to give them! All we could do was unload them into the shade of the back verandah, and hope they survive until they get a drink.

I kept waiting for the plumber to give me the OK to start using the water, but it turned out that the water had to stay off for 24 hours, to allow the glues and sealers he had used to fully cure. What bad timing!

On a happier note, the flowers I was given ten days ago look like this now:
They have opened up really nicely.

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  1. Last October there was fire close to our house. It is so scary see the fire end up with everything aroung. So sad seeing nature dying.
    Your flowers are beautiful. Hugs