Thursday, October 1, 2015


As of 4:00pm today, it is officially ours, and we can move in to the new house. Hooray!

To make the house look as nice as possible for its final inspection (or second-last; there will be another in 12 months) I spread my Celtic Solstice quilt top on the bed:
Once I get myself organised, and it is basted then quilted, this is where it will live. Don't hold your breath, though. The sewing room is going to need a lot of organisational work.

Later in the day we took a walk around a different block, and this photo is for Dianne after her comment on yesterday's post:
Jack met some goats!


  1. That's wonderful! Love your quilt; it looks great on the bed.

  2. Hooray for officially having a new home, and a very easy date to remember.

  3. YAY!!! Wheeee! Congratulations! after all your hard work, you're finally going to sleep in your new home!!..Your Celtic Solstice is as Beautiful as you new home....Enjoy.

    Debra in Ma.

  4. Just beautiful quilt! Funny pix of the goat introductions...;--))
    Hearty congratulations on moveing in at long last!! Hugs, Julierose

  5. Congratulations! Now the enjoyment and work of establishing a new home begins. Enjoy it all.

  6. Congratulations, wishing you both every happiness in your new home. The journey has been a long one and now you can relax and enjoy.

  7. Congratulations!!! God bless!
    Your Celtic Solstice is stunning on the bed.

  8. CONGRATS!!!! It seems like the time flew by from when you first broke ground. The sewing room will come together - you just need a little more time to get other things settled. Love that Celtic Solstice top.

  9. Wow.. For the house, the quilt - and the goats! I just knew there would be some near by! Thanks for the photo - picture book cute with black and white Jack- the- dog saying hello to the black and white billy goat!